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BodyandScience.com is an unbiased resource in the field of nutrition and supplements for health and optimal performance. Our articles are based on scientific evidence and written by experts in the field who make great effort to simplify distill the science for you into a language that you can understand. We also don’t cherry pick any scientific papers and we endeavour to present both sides of the argument.

We prize content over advertising

If you are tired of the flood of blogs and websites that offer more advertising than real unbiased content or content that are exceedingly technical then Bodyandscience.com is your right destination.

Your Good Stuff Guide and Health Shopping assistant

Healthy nutrition starts with choosing right at the grocery store. However, reading and understanding tricky and often deceptive nutrition labels when trying to make the right purchasing decisions can be a daunting task. Luckily, we at Bodyandscience.com understand this and dedicate entire sections whereby we dissect labels and provide consumer guides that help you choose right come shopping time. Feel free to consult our “Good Stuff Guide” for some cool review of products that passed our scrutiny and earned our stamp of approval.

*No affiliation with vendor or manufacturer.

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